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Moving Forward

So the structure has changed a bit, turns out it was a bit too optimistic to expect the floor plates to span the original length.  Next crit is Wenesday so major development is on hold to allow time to produce presentation boards this weekend.​

Brazilians getting wild

Brazilians getting wild

Learning New Tools

For the past few years I’ve used V-Ray to do the renderings on my designs. Like most software, it has its ups and downs, but I never had the chance to really give it the time to learn correctly.

I’ve heard good things about Mental Ray and Maxwell Render as well, but the idea of learning a new software package in the middle of a design competition seemed like a bad idea.​

After a few hours of playing around, I’ve managed to produce a better rendering in Maxwell than V-Ray in several days.  Needless to say, I’ve a bit more enthusiastic about having some great renderings this time around.

Structural Progress

Here’s the latest on the strucutral concept for the timber High-rise.  Shown is two, twelve foot floor plates, with post-tensioned exoskeleton and with a double skin cavity for natural ventilation. 

From sketch to render in 5 hours.​


Pirates and Emperors

An amazing animated clip that shows how terror is terror regardless of who perpetrates it, us or them.

To me, poor people are like bonsai trees.

Go and look at the tallest tree in the forest and pick the best seed of that tallest tree and plant it in a flower pot. You get a plant that is about a meter high — an exact replica of the tall tree you saw in the forest. And you say, “what’s wrong with this little one? Is it the seed? No, we picked the best seed possible and planted it. So what’s wrong?”

The wrong thing is the flower pot! Because you didn’t allow the large base on which it could grow. If you had planted it in the real soil, it would be as tall as the tree you saw in the forest.

Poor people are bonsai people. There is nothing wrong in their seeds. Simply, society never gave them the base to grow on. All we need in order to get the poor out of poverty is for us to create an enabling environment for them. Once the poor can unleash their energy and creativity, poverty will disappear very quickly.

Muhammad Yunus, Bangladeshi entrepreneur, economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient who advocates free markets, the rule of law, and private property rights (rather than detrimental and coercive foreign aid boondoggles) for impoverished people in developing countries. (via statehate)


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